Gipsy Kings - "Bamboleo" (1989)

The more we're nearing the completion of David Fincher's "Complete Music Video Works" the harder it gets -- or so it seems:
The "Bamboleo" video for french rumba catalan band GIPSY KINGS saw a total of three produced clips; two of which were directed by David Fincher. And finally I dug one up that looks authentic ...

From the information I could gather about David's videography, he directed versions 2 and 3 of this; the later one called "Rockamerica Remix". Until now I had been unable to find a video that was titled accordingly, let alone contained any information about the director.

Following the links below, now there's a video tagged "Version 2" ( and to my eye it does look like Fincher had shot and edited that. Further, the band hosts an official youtube-channel with about 40 videos, one of these being some "Bamboleo" version that could also possibly be Fincher's work.

I will try to establish a contact with the band or record label to get more info and possibly both versions of David's works.

As for now, enjoy these: (Official youtube Channel)

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  1. Hey! There's four versions of Bamboleo.
    The first i don't know who is the director (1987)
    The second is "The French Version" and the director is stephane clavier (1988)
    The third is "The american version" THIS IS THE FINCHER VIDEO (1989 )
    The fourth is the "rockamerican remix" and is a montage with the images of fincher's and clavier's videos.

    and according with the book "David Fincher: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers Series)" Fincher only directed the 1989 version.