Digital Domain Website Update - Part I.

There's good and bad news. Bad news first: With Digital Domain's recent website update they have taken their old archives offline, which means some classic David Fincher clips may no longer be available, PLUS they have also exchanged their old HTML template to a new flash site, which makes it near impossible to link directly to certain features. Luckily there's some good news as well ...


First and foremost Digital Domain has posted a comprehensive insight into their work on David Fincher's latest feature "Zodiac" via a 4-minute or so behind-the-scenes featurette. The video gives you a great idea of the amount and quality of the vfx work in this. -- Gotta see it!


Also, roaming through the new Digital Domain website will get you to some of David's finest commercial works, the Adidas "Mechanical Legs", Nike "Gamebreakers", Nike "Speedchain", Heineken "Beer Run", etc. -- Hey, which throws us right back on the bad news: All of my previously researched links to these clips will not work any longer.

Like I said direct linking to DD's features is almost impossible now. With a little patience and pratical knowledge though, over the course of the next few weeks I may be able to recover some direct links for you, and to get back at DD for the inconvenience these links will enable you to download their videos to your computer.

For now, head over and enjoy the Zodiac Making Of.
Click on Features > The Work > Zodiac
or Features > Behind The Scenes > Zodiac

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  1. thanks for letting us know in such short notice. and i was wondering, have you heard anything on the extra features on the ZODIAC dvd? will it be only the film?