The Playboy Interview

As part of Gone Girl's promotion, best interview so far.

A really extensive take on Fincher's films. Full of new anecdotes. A must read!

Photography by Marius Bugge

Rush to the full interview here.

House of Cue Cards

So this should have been up about a month ago, my bad. No, you know what: Actually Fincher's bad — with so much output and Gone Girl frenzy, there's just too many links out there to keep up. Not that we're ever complaining...

So thank you all you hard working commentators and link-droppers. This is amazing, I love the buzz and cannot wait for October 2nd. Damn right, Germany'll do this thing a day early, and then I'll spoiler the living shit out of you people. Joking. Or am I.

Here, speaking of spoilers: If you haven't actually seen the second season yet, trust me, you reeeally might not wanna watch that second video below.

For these links now, thanks Gould, thanks for keeping busy and being patient with me.

Dress Normal?

That is how I love it best: When new Fincher ads just sneak up on me out of nowhere! What a most excellent "birthday" present from David Fincher to the fanatic world. Four new ads telling you to "dress normal". Uhm. They should make use of the "From the director of FIGHT CLUB" tag for commercials now. I mean... wouldn't it all just go extremely well with "You are not your fucking khakis"?!

I love how very different they feel. The "Golf" one has such a tangible Zodiac feeling to it, it's just amazing. Editing, of course, is spot on, and... need I really say anything about the cinematography?

Mashable and Creativity Online both have a ton of background info on these, e.g. how Fincher had actors run for ten minutes straight as part of casting for the staircase ad. Behind the lens we also have quite the Oscar worthy Fincher line up: DOP Jeff Cronenweth, editor Kirk Baxter, costumes Trish Summerville, and production designer Don Burt.

So sure, go ahead and purchase your fall collection. Or just consider these an extended appetizer for "Gone Girl".

Thanks to all you wonderful contributors!
Here's a load of links to keep you busy:

And last but not least: Happy Birthday, Mr. Fincher! Thanks for being awesome!

Gone Girl: TV Spot

David Fincher may not be a fan of marketing his films as "from the director of..." — but honestly: with Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac and The Social Network, among others, to his credit the real difficulty lies in chosing only two titles to represent his level of directorial awesome. They should actually cough up a trailer for Fincher fanatics that basically intercuts with "From the director of... Se7en... The Game... Fight Club... Panic Room... Zodiac... The Curious Case of Benjamin Button... The Social Network..." uh, you get the idea. His list of brilliant doesn't stop. And here's a brand new "Gone Girl" TV spot to prove exactly that.

Art Of The Title: Fight Club

Most fanatics already know that David Fincher decided to spend just under one million dollars on a single shot in FIGHT CLUB: The film's amygdalic eye-candy brain thrill-ride. You better be a believer in the magic of the title sequence if you throw that kind of money at it. But with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, PANIC ROOM and mostly the iconic SE7EN to his credit it is obvious that Fincher knew what he was doing all along...

The lovely folks over at finally — after duly honoring Se7en, The Game, Panic Room, and Alien³ — swung around to dedicating an article to Fincher's cult-classic, picking, literally, the brains of the creatives behind the scenes.

So here you go:

Here's the rest of 'em... well as Artofthetitle's original "David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective", that you've seen before but must watch and read again, because it has all that Fincher greatness in one place.

Are you not entertained?