David Fincher: Interviews / Update

Just to let you know and just in time for Christmas: In the summer many of you had expressed an interest in the Fincher interviews collection -- if only it came as a paperback edition. Well, after some initial scramble the publisher has finally come through on his announcement. A paperback edition is now available for about half prize of the hardcover.


Ellroy On "Zodiac"

So this is a rather interesting statement about Fincher's "Zodiac": Crimer write James Ellroy comments on the cinematic greatness of the film yet at the same time criticizes the film's leading performances -- namely by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo -- as "unconvincing".

What adds to the spice of this comment is the fact that Ellroy and Fincher are currently developing a show for HBO together. What adds to my intrigue with the criticism is the fact that I generally love Fincher's films precisely for their performances. Similar criticism about the supposed stiltedness of performances was raised just recently by a few critics of "Gone Girl". Once again, I cannot really follow, as to me performances in Fincher films stand out for their richness in texture and nuanced moments.

What do you guys think?

Here's the full piece


Sex Rehearsals

Come on, get a grip, don't watch this just because it promises to be raunchy. Funny thing is, Rosamund is exceptionally quiet about how much Fincher tweaked the scene, which shall furtheron only ever be referred to as "THAT scene". But well, I am pretty sure Fincher had every angle of it already figured out... And I also notice now that I can never look at Pike in the same way... She freaks me out now...

Slightly less inappropriate: Twincest much?

But the way, I think the entire ensemble of the film is an example of a very unexpected but remarkably perfect cast -- but Mrs. Coon holds a very dear and sweet spot for me, I thought she was fantastic.