Playboy: Exclusive Fight Club 2 Preview

...makes me immediately wonder just what is Tyler Durden's stance on nude magazines...

Gone Girl - Honest Trailer

Whoever left that "I'd eat an ebola sandwich if Fincher tells me to" comment: That is sickly hilarious. And true. And to say the most honest thing about this honest trailer upfront: The movie only garnered ONE Academy Award. And probably out of pity. So, nothing to see here, move right along... "Sarcasm off", is that how the kids say?

David Fincher: Interviews / Update

Just to let you know and just in time for Christmas: In the summer many of you had expressed an interest in the Fincher interviews collection -- if only it came as a paperback edition. Well, after some initial scramble the publisher has finally come through on his announcement. A paperback edition is now available for about half prize of the hardcover.

Ellroy On "Zodiac"

So this is a rather interesting statement about Fincher's "Zodiac": Crimer write James Ellroy comments on the cinematic greatness of the film yet at the same time criticizes the film's leading performances -- namely by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo -- as "unconvincing".

What adds to the spice of this comment is the fact that Ellroy and Fincher are currently developing a show for HBO together. What adds to my intrigue with the criticism is the fact that I generally love Fincher's films precisely for their performances. Similar criticism about the supposed stiltedness of performances was raised just recently by a few critics of "Gone Girl". Once again, I cannot really follow, as to me performances in Fincher films stand out for their richness in texture and nuanced moments.

What do you guys think?

Here's the full piece