Fincherfanatic (Blog) No More

Not that this were actually a news-worthy item at this point: Life has caught up, as so often it does, and as I am sure you all have guessed at this point. Time for the fincherfanatic blog there is no more -- enthusiasm for Fincher's work and craft will certainly remain...

I am deeply thankful for you wonderful bunch of fincherfanatics that have assembled here over the years, thank you for all of your emails, sharing your links and resources, and once again: a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Fincher himself for allowing me to meet him for a very generous interviews a few years back. Fincher's works have been great subjects of study for my own story-telling and film-making efforts. Creating and maintaining this blog for some years was an instructive and very very fun thing to do.

I saw the menu has crashed a while back and I have now created a most basic menu and have deleted all other menu items except the search function, which may come in handy to someone at some point.

That being said, there will be no more updates to this blog. I saw Daryl has set-up a new Fincher blog over at, which I hereby highly recommend, and I will make sure to drop by there in the future.

Daryl, good luck with that, and thank you for carrying the torch.

To everyone else, thanks for stopping by and sticking around.

Side by Side: The Girls With The Dragon Tattoos

Fandor set out to "compare a Scandinavian hit movie and its Hollywood remake". Which is of course misleading insofar as I am dead-certain Fincher has not for a moment set out to "remake" Niels Arden Oplev's movie, but was plainly interested in creating his own adaptation of the novel. Nit-picking much there? Meh, possible. And regardless, I do think this is a splendid idea: to analyse how two filmmakers approach and cineastically reiterate the same source material. I liked the swedish films a lot, yet overall I am more inclined towards Fincher's adaptation. Prolly not the biggest of surprises...

Playboy: Exclusive Fight Club 2 Preview

...makes me immediately wonder just what is Tyler Durden's stance on nude magazines...

Gone Girl - Honest Trailer

Whoever left that "I'd eat an ebola sandwich if Fincher tells me to" comment: That is sickly hilarious. And true. And to say the most honest thing about this honest trailer upfront: The movie only garnered ONE Academy Award. And probably out of pity. So, nothing to see here, move right along... "Sarcasm off", is that how the kids say?

David Fincher: Interviews / Update

Just to let you know and just in time for Christmas: In the summer many of you had expressed an interest in the Fincher interviews collection -- if only it came as a paperback edition. Well, after some initial scramble the publisher has finally come through on his announcement. A paperback edition is now available for about half prize of the hardcover.