David Fincher & Mark Ruffalo Interviews

"The point of the movie is: What is justice? Is it justice knowing?
Is it justice seeing them strap the guy down and stick the needle in his arm? Is it someone being lead away in handcuffs? What is the eye for an eye? What are the varying degrees? What are we prepared to accept as the end of the story?"

IndieLondon has conducted two very informative interviews with David Fincher and one of his lead actors, Mark Ruffalo, about "Zodiac", and Fincher's answers are, to say the least, very insightful. What I like about David's interview is that it's very reflective and personal, and thankfully not at all this kind of marketing / promotion interview, where people just rant about how great their movie is.

Some of the topics include David's childhood memories about the Zodiac, the relationship to his parents, the influence of violent horror movies on people and David's perception of the Dirty Harry film based on the Zodiac case -- ... while the Zodiac was still roaming the area!

In Ruffalo's interview there is a very interesting paragraph about how David won him over to play the role of Dave Toschi. But also his talking about his acting approach and the special demands of the role are very compelling.

Enjoy the reading:

And here's some BONUS MATERIAL!
Another IndieLondon Zodiac-Interview ... with Chloe Sevigny:

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