Complete Music Video Works

David Fincher is the skillful perfectionist behind cult-flicks "SE7EN", "THE GAME, "FIGHT CLUB", "PANIC ROOM" and the recent "ZODIAC". But long before making it big in Hollywood David Fincher aided to shape the face and style of MTV -- with a total of 51 music videos; for some of music's biggest stars!

Here's the complete list of David Fincher's music video works.
And links to each I could already get my hands on!

Enjoy ...

NINE INCH NAILS - "Only" (2005) (USA only) (USA only)

A PERFECT CIRCLE - "Judith" (2000)

THE WALLFLOWERS - "6th Avenue Heartache" (1996) (USA only)

THE ROLLING STONES - "Love Is Strong" (1994)

MICHAEL JACKSON - "Who Is It?" (1993)

MADONNA - "Bad Girl" (1993) (USA only) (USA only)

GEORGE MICHAEL - "Freedom '90" (1990)

WIRE TRAIN - "Should She Cry?" (1990)

BILLY IDOL - "L.A. Woman" (1990) (Uncut) (Streaming Video)

IGGY POP - "Home" (1990)

BILLY IDOL - "Cradle Of Love" (1990) (Streaming Video)

MADONNA - "Vogue" (1990) (USA only) (USA only)

NENEH CHERRY - "Heart" (1990)

- "Janie's Got A Gun" (1989) (USA only) (Official UniversalMusicGroup Post)

MADONNA - "Oh Father" (1989) (USA only)

PAULA ABDUL - "Cold Hearted" (1989) (USA only)

DON HENLEY - "The End Of The Innocence" (1989) (Official UniversalMusicGroup Post)

MADONNA - "Express Yourself" (1989) (USA only) (USA only)

PAULA ABDUL - "Forever Your Girl" (1989) (USA only)

ROY ORBISON - "She's A Mystery To Me" (1989)

GYPSY KINGS - "Bamboleo" (1989)
[Version 3: Rockamerica Remix] *** Not verified! *** (Official youtube Channel)

- "Real Love" (1989)

PAULA ABDUL - "Straight Up" (1989) (USA only)

GYPSY KINGS - "Bamboleo" (1989)
[version 2]

STEVE WINWOOD - "Holding On" (1988)

PAULA ABDUL - "The Way That You Love Me" (1988) (rare UK version)

STEVE WINWOOD - "Roll With It" (1988) (USA only) (USA only)

- "Get Rhythm" (1988)

- "Most Of All" (1988)

JOHNNY HATES JAZZ - "Shattered Dreams" (1988)
[version 2: USA]

STING - "Englishman In New York" (1988) (USA only)

JOHNNY HATES JAZZ - "Heart Of Gold" (1988)

- "I Don't Mind At All" (1987) (Official UniversalMusicGroup Post)

MARTHA DAVIS - "Don't Tell Me The Time" (1987)

- "No Surrender" (1987) (USA only) (Official SonyBMG Post)

LOVERBOY - "Notorious" (1987)

MARK KNOPFLER - "Storybook Story" (1987)
... coming up ...

THE HOOTERS - "Johnny B" (1987) (USA only) (Official SonyBMG Post)

PATTY SMYTH - "Downtown Train" (1987)
-- not available --

EDDIE MONEY - "Endless Nights" (1987) (Official Site)

- "She Comes On" (1987) (USA only) (USA only) (USA & IE only) (Official SonyBMG Post)

FOREIGNER - "Say You Will" (1987) (French Site)

COLIN JAMES HAY - "Can I Hold You" (1987)
... coming up ...

LOVERBOY - "Love Will Rise Again" (1987)

STABILIZERS - "One Simple Thing" (1986)
-- not available --

THE OUTFIELD - "Everytime You Cry" (1986)

THE OUTFIELD - "All The Love In The World" (1986) (USA only) (USA only) (Official SonyBMG Post)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - "Dance This World Away" (1985) (USA only) (USA only) (Real Player)

THE MOTELS - "Shame" (1985)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - "Celebrate Youth" (1985) (Real Player)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - "Bop 'Til You Drop" (1984) (USA only) (USA only) (RealPlayer)

Disclaimer: Whenever there is a link to MTV, VH1, Digital Domain or the likes available, I recommend these for both quality and a secured legal situation. Some of the youtube-like videos are posted officially by record labels as well, however some others may have been posted by users with no official right to do so.


  1. The video for Ry Cooder's "Get Rhythm" is available on MTV Overdrive.

    Here is the link:

  2. i noticed that on here you have him as directing paula abdul's the way that you love me, he directed both versions, the 1988 and 1989 version, the uk version released in 1990 he did not direct

    1988 Version (He Directed)
    1989 Version (He Directed)
    1990 Version (Did Not Direct)

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