The Girl With The Downtown Scent

Personally, I couldn't care less for another as-bottled-as-unnecessary fragrance, no matter what pretty face they afford for the advertising. And btw: They are expecting sales in excess of $120 million for this one. How's that for working jobs you hate so you can buy shit you don't need?

But at any rate, I do like Rooney Mara, and more so I like that David Fincher seems to take the helm at shooting the TV commercials for Rooney's new gig. That may just mean a new Fincher commercial as soon as the next couple of weeks... Don't you just smell the sweet scent of awesome?


  1. This site has some details

    "Mara and Fincher have worked together on both The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network and the short film for Downtown Calvin Klein will have a similar cinematic appeal. The black and white campaign (which is set to Yeah Yeah Yeahs song “Runaway”) shows Mara traversing through New York City and “living in her own world, breaking away from the ‘expected.’”

    A short film idea sounds very awesome, if it's true ;) And it looks like Fincher will give Epic-M Monochrome another test ;)

  2. Gotta make use of that new custom made camera. Thanks for the details, Mikze!

  3. @mikez It seems likely possible because the great Mondino (who was the official photographer on set for The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo) shot the photographs for this ad