Better Homes and Gardens: Se7en Edition

Sound on Sight revisits Fincher's iconic serial killer retreat, John Doe's apartment in "Se7en", in a holistic analysis of the camera work, sound design, set dressing — and just about everything else that made this sequence unbearably creepy.

Production design for this movie is nothing short of breathtaking, and Doe's notebooks, for instance, should more than attest to that. They were handwritten with ad lib serial killer blah by Fincher's design team, adding layer by layer to the film's texture and eerie depth.

Quite worth another visit:


  1. Hot off the 'press' ~ sweet tech piece on "Suit & Tie" ~

    ~ from next month's 'American Cinematographer' magazine.

    1. Or here ~

  2. White House Correspondents' Dinner Begins With 'House of Cards' Spoof (Video)

    PS. I went to see Oblivion. Very decent Sci-Fi movie. Ren Klyce did a marvelous job on sound design ;)

  3. Simon & Mikez, those are awesome links. Thank you for keeping this blog alive and breathing while I am away. Still cannot quite believe we are getting Fincher's 20,000 Leagues... that is going to be major league awesome!

  4. Daryl van HorneMay 1, 2013 at 4:15 AM

    PDF version of Nev Pierce's for Empire Magazine "House of Cards" set visit (courtesy of Mr. Pierce himself):

  5. Fincher's section on RESET was updated with "Trails of Destruction" commercial (Nike Pro Combat). And if you click through the slideshow on the main page, you will find "Suit & Tie" video :)


  7. "Rooney Mara Reunites with David Fincher for Calvin Klein Ads".... that's what they says in this article:

  8. Disney's remake of the Jules Verne classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has hit another snag. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the studio has delayed production of the remake to 2014. Filming was slated to begin next month in Sydney. Last month, the Australian government earmarked $21.6 million for the movie to be shot in their country and claimed that it "would create 2,000 new jobs." It appears the delay is a casting issue brought about as a result of Brad Pitt passing on the lead role. The production has undergone several production pains since the remake was initially launched in 2009. Back then, McG was set to direct the film but has since given way to David Fincher, though there have been scheduling issues due to Fincher's packed slate...