Talking Craft

From 'no more than 25 crew members allowed on set' to custom made equip: Director of photography Eigil Bryld, costume designer Tom Broecker, and composer Jeff Beal talk Fincher's craft behind the scenes of "House of Cards" in this must-read IndieWire piece.

Getting us ready for season two, it seems. And of course hyping the series' Emmy buzz!


  1. Nice article.
    Got my 'HoC' S1 Blu-Ray set last Friday. Picture quality is stunning, DTS-HD audio is kick-ass, Packaging design is pure class.
    Sadly no commentaries on any of the episodes, and no supplemental content at all. So the extras that were listed on the BBFC web-site are either going to be exclusive to the UK set, or are hidden as easter eggs on the US discs (I looked and couldn't find them)
    And ep13 on my set will not play. Tried it on 2 machines and it just freezes at the start of the episode. Bummer. I mean, it's only the season finale!

  2. INTERIORS: David Fincher

    "Interiors" (online film and architecture journal) for "arch daily"


    Two more analyses in the "Interiors" journal website:

    ISSUES > Panic Room. Issue 1 (01/2012)
    ISSUES > Se7en. Issue 13 (01/2013)

    (no direct links cause it's a flash site)

  3. From deadline..Seems like a very good writer is working on the next Salander Movies.

    Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, which premiered at Sundance and will be released later this year. There is still every hope she’ll reprise her role as goth heroine Lisbeth Salander, as Andrew Kevin Walker is working on a rewrite of that script for Sony.


    1. Yeah, I would like to know more about that. That's kind of out of the blue news. But maybe it's true. Since "Leagues" is now in production limbo, maybe they moved Walker to work on Dragon Tattoo sequel. Or maybe that was Fincher's idea ;)

      Damn, I want to know more! :)

    2. Andrew Kevin Walker rewriting Steven Zaillian's "The Girl Who Played With Fire"??! Damn, that sounds UNDENIABLY like Fincher is pushing forward with this... Awesome news for a side note, ain't it?