The Golden Age: Fincher Tribute

This Tuesday, February 19, make sure to tune in to the 80sonVEVO You Tube page. They are hosting a 'curated takeover' by THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC VIDEO — and will be playing ten David Fincher clips from the 1980s.

Crowned by his sweeping MTV victory in 1990, the 80s were Fincher's break-through decade, and we should look forward to a fine selection of his early work.

To further whet your appetite, check out these two snippets:
"When David Fincher ruled MTV" — Fantastic!

Now don't forget to bookmark this for Tuesday:


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. This post made me nostalgic. I found the 1996 MTV Movie Awards on YouTube.

    Skip to 9:50.

    The good old days... when MTV was awarding great movies ;)

    1. Thanks for sharing Mikez! Se7en the Anti-MTV Movie :D

  3. The Fincher playlist is up :)

    "I Don't Mind At All" by Bourgeois Tagg looks like it was shot yesterday, not in the 80's. Stunning quality. I love the "Notorious", editing in this one is amazing. "Real Love" is also pretty cool.

    Great stuff :)