20,000 Leagues: Warming Up Down Under?

+++ UPDATED 02/26/2013 +++
News popping up all around that Brad Pitt might no longer be aboard. However, if the Aussie deal works out Fincher's "Leagues" will be biggest production ever down under.

So this item suggests that The Walt Disney Company must be in their final decision-making stage concerning Fincher's ever more likely next: THR reports that Disney has received a substantial incentive offer if their production of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo" relocates to Australia this year.

With a slight over-examination of words this can be taken to read that Fincher may soon move around the globe and start shooting his next feature film as soon as this summer.

"Leagues" really isn't just any other project: It's got some of Fincher's finest collaborators throughout his career already attached and promises to allow for him to stride new terrain — tackling a veritable mainstream audience family blockbuster.

Long as Justin Timberlake won't write the score, count me in!


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