Invading Your World: Fincher On 'Zodiac'

Sound On Sight chips in a little Fincher film school for yall, learning and sharing their lessons from Fincher's commentary on 'Zodiac'.

"The work of David Fincher is often defined by the outpouring of information and data, and the ways in which they invade the physical space of his characters and their worlds. Not only does this information serve as the common narrative drive in films such as Seven, The Social Network, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it routinely acts as a mirror into our own digital driven world of screens, monitors, names, dates, and codes. The auteur has made nine films since 1992, but few speak to the visceral complexity of his 2007 film Zodiac."

Sounds like a cool angle? — Which is why there's more:

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  1. Angelenos!:

    An Evening with David Fincher (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA)
    Thursday, March 7
    7:30 pm | Conversation followed by a screening of the first two chapters of House of Cards