Mysterious Blog Related to The Girl With The Dragaon Tattoo

Tumblr is hosting a blog named "Mouth Taped Shut" related to Fincher's upcoming film.

Only a couple of pages long, this blog features impressive content such as set photos and videos (see below). It's hard to imagine it's not coming from a crew member.

Browsing the posts there's an interesting news about Fincher altering the ending of the story :

Some things work in novels but not in a film. There's a certain rhythm in a movie and that made us feel a change was in order.
- David Fincher

Big thanks to Mikez for this find.

Tumblr is Here


  1. So... Do we have a "non teaser" trailer to look forward to before December 21?

  2. We'll ask Fincher :-)) I bet we can expect something later this month.


    Here is a link to a interview with Craig and Mara from swedish televison:)

  4. Thanks, Inge. Great find.

  5. Perfect Inge! Just used it for a new post. Thanks!!