The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo International Release dates

Maybe we didn't notice that already but it seems Sony Pictures has updated the film's website with new features.

The international release dates are available here.

We'll keep you posted on other upcoming updates.


  1. Also chceck this site:

  2. Thanks for the link Mikez..Loved the photos and the overall feel to the page:)

  3. @Mikez : who owns this blog? Do you have any relevant info?
    It seems someone close to Fincher. I will post something on that soon. Thanks!

  4. Right now the blog is a mystery. Looking at the name of the site makes me think that it might be a part of the viral campaign ;) It is someone who is working close on the movie. And he/she is pretty talented photographer :)

  5. He/She is mostly using an iPhone app ;-)
    Big thanks again for the link!