Rooney Mara & Daniel Craig TV Interview

Sweedish TV has a Rooney Mara & Daniel Cray short video interview.

Just watch below the actors talk about Fincher's 'sweedish noir' movie :

Big thanks to Inge for this find. One can only expect this to resurface soon on other US websites...

For those of you who read Sweedish go here

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  1. Gutted mara has seen the original. Hope she believed in herself and didnt try to imitate Noomi Rapace. Surely Fincher would have told her not to watch it, unless of course she had already seen it. She is the exact picture i had in my head when i read the book though. Daniel Craig is perfect casting too, as well as everybody else. Really anxious to find out how long the film will be. 2 1/2 hours will be the minimum surely?