UPDATE: Shooting In Norway

+++ UPDATE 05/16/2011 +++
This is up-to-date info from our contact Inge from Norway: David Fincher and his crew are amazingly still shooting "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". Production has moved (back) to Stockholm, where Fincher's crew has shut down a major subway station for two days of shooting, May 15th and 16th.

Source: Aftonbladet.se

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David Fincher and the "Dragon Tattoo" crew were spotted last month, still shooting scenes for the upcoming Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig thriller. The link includes video, snapshots -- and some awkward English, thanks to Google translate that is.

...but for most of us this is probably still more decipherable than Norsk. ;-)

Photo: Atle Jorstad, AP

Big thanks to contributor Inge.
Here's the link:



  1. So now we know that there might be at least one handheld shot in the movie ;) If it makes it to the final cut...

  2. Haha. True. That already matches the "handheld shot count" of "The Social Network", which also has exactly one. :-)

    I have to say I am amazed at the scope of this production already. From what we can gather they have been shooting all over Sweden, then they were in Zurich, now they were in Norway. And didn't they shoot a couple scenes in London as well?

  3. Can't wait to see this movie! What a cast and above all...Trent is back! Huge fan of Millenium here, Rooney will knock noomi out of the park i'm sure. December 2011. is like waiting Star Wars back in the days...lol

  4. ...Fincher's first 'european movie'. No wait. My bad.

  5. Just some news about the Teaser Trailer found on IMDb boards:




    I just hope this is true :)

  6. If I didn't know anything about the books, previous movies, title, storyline, casting...anything other than that Fincher was directing a movie, and here's a picture and this picture of him and some chick in black is the only shred of proof we have so far...

    ...I'd lose my shit

  7. wish we could get updates daily! that would be wicked-awesome!

  8. Damn! I live a few hours away from there. I wish I had known about it :(