Fincher News Blitz

Three topics are bustling about in the Finchersphere: Angelina Jolie more or less 'confirms' talks with David Fincher to direct the Scott Rudin produced "Cleopatra 3D" -- that is, she says she would love to work with Brad Pitt's good buddy. (Who wouldn't want Fincher for their movie, friends or not?) A close second is MGM's announcement to join financing of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", and probably most importantly: It seems there is a teaser trailer just around the corner...

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This way to the sources:

Angelina wants Fincher: Indiewire
MGM wants Dragon Tattoo: Variety
Everybody wants Dragon Tattoo trailer: Alberta Film Ratings


  1. Can't wait for the first Dragon Tattoo trailer


  2. I'd much rather see Fincher tackle "20.000 miles under the sea", 3D or not, than this. Love Brad Pitt in Fincher movies. But don't like his wife in anything.

  3. rumor has it, TGWTDT's red band trailer will be attached to HANGOVER 2. Less than 14 days to go!