Observations On David Fincher

Imagine yourself challenged with putting into words, why you like David Fincher more than the other director. While I love Fincher's eye for the perfect shot, his smooth editing style and always-spot-on sounddesign, not a single of these sets him apart from other talents. What really wins me over about Fincher is his constant and asskickingly uncompromising interdisciplinary awesomeness.

So if that may coincide with your personal motivation for following Fincher's career and devouring his movies, here are two articles you will like, exploring this very specific aspect of his all-inclusive talent.

First, however, here are two excerpts from the Hollywood Reporter's Actors Roundtable, with Jesse Eisenberg, Robert Duvall, James Franco and Mark Ruffalo, talking about Fincher's method. Videos I ran into thanks to the articles linked below, and wanted to share with you.

Awesome reads!
Thanks, Fitz, for pointing us to them.

David Fincher: Exploring the Scene
David Fincher: Finding the Meaning behind the Movement

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