David Fincher wishes you a happy new year...

Well sort of... Thanks to Collider.com, an extensive interview with the director gives us many reasons to hope for the coming year.

Long gone is the time when Fincher rarely gave interviews and shunned the press. Whether it's maturity, or part of a media plan, he now seems more eager to talk about his craft. And we won't complain.

The Social Network, Dragon Tattoo, 20,000 Leagues, The Game upcoming Criterion DVD and much more about his work as a director.

I won't go much into details about the interview itself since interviewer Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub did a great job in putting a transcript online, an audio link, and for lazy people a summary.

So go read this (very) long interview or just listen to the audio link also here


  1. "[David Fincher is] a brilliant filmmaker who has more mental calibration available to him than any human being I’ve ever met."


  2. Let's all fellate him while we're at it. It's not a big leap from here.

  3. (it actually is...)


  4. Heaven forbid someone posts Fincher's address here. He'd have stalkers to worry about.

  5. (c'mon...)

    + fincher is mentioned in eisenberg's interview: