Alive But Not Very Kicking

Hey, fellow Fincherfanatics. I know everyone is salivating for Fincher news to hit this blog. There is plenty out there, like the L.A. Times running a piece that has Fincher confirmed as director of their "20.000 Leagues Under The Sea", which sounds like it may become Fincher's first CGI/3D film. Let's hope for that.

However, this isn't a Fincher news post. This is a post to let you know that I am running out of time to devote to this blog. This year's workload already had me crushed and barely allowed for working on the blog. So let me issue a big thank you to the many contributors out there and especially Gould, who punched up more than a few posts, helping out.

With 2011 looking like it will be even busier for me, I will have to come up with new solutions for keeping you guys up to date with Fincher developments. My best idea so far is to put all the news items up on the fanatictweets Twitter channel. That's about as fast as it gets and I can always punch up 140 characters.

So please do make sure to check (or subscribe to) the fanatictweets account, which you can also do here in the sidebar of this blog.

As you may have already seen I have put in some work in the FILMS / MUSIC VIDEOS / BIOGRAPHY department, and I think the only category still missing is the COMMERCIALS page. That'll be my focus for the next year and from now on, to maintain a great Fincher fansite that will provide you with an overview of his vast and amazing body of work. In addition, I will probably keep a weekly or bi-monthly summary of news items, which will essentially just be the Twitter links collected into one post.

To all of you, who keep coming back and keep appreciating Fincher genius -- thanks.

– fincherfanatic


  1. I'll be willing to keep this blog alive as much as I can.

    It can't die!!

  2. Good to hear that, thanks a lot, Gould!

  3. I understand, Fincherfanatic. It takes a lot of time to properly maintain these blogs. I'd be happy to get some news on the twitter feed however, and read the occasional Gould post! :-)

    Thanks for the great effort you put into this blog!

  4. This is the best Fincher site on the web! Gould is right... it can't die! :)

    Thanks for your efforts guys!

  5. David Fincher has not (yet) any official site. So this one truly does justice to his work. I've been an admirer ever since Alien3. Even if I was disappointed lately (Button & TSN), I remain faithful because I know he can do better. Let them give him his Oscar at last so he can be free again. Long live Fincher Fanatic!

  6. I appreciate all the effort that goes into this site!! It is one of my favorite, most checked-upon blogs. :) If I can do anything to help, I gladly will.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011!


  8. and...

  9. It's been a nice work man!

  10. Too bad.

    Anyway, I hope instead of regular Fincher blog news we'll see movies written by Fincherfanatic in cinemas! ;-)

    Happy new year and thanks for the great blog!

  11. @anonymous

    ...exactly what I was thinking.

    Happy New Year to all of you!