Jackass Does Social Network

Did it really have to come to this? MTV's 'Jackass' crew does four parodies of 2010 movies for the upcoming CCMAs -- 'The Social Network' being one of them.

The video below is just a behind-the-scenes look. If you know when and where these full parodies will be available, please drop a comment.

Now... does this count as an honor?!
You be the judge.


  1. It's an honor.

    I can't take the Facebook movie so seriously anyway, and I honestly don't get why it's getting so much Oscar buzz. Best Film of 2010? Why?

  2. because, cinematically speaking, TSN is (probably) this year's quintessential m - o - v - i - e.

  3. That seems like plausible reasoning... *cough* *cough*

    It's the equivalent of "Because I say so".

  4. Why is it getting so much Oscar buzz?

    Best Movie according to:

    Vancouver Film Critics
    The Alliance of Women Film Journalism
    National Society of Film Critics
    Online Film Critics
    Kansas City Film Critics
    2010 Utah Film Critics Association Awards (Tie with 127 Hours)
    Oklahoma Film Critics Circle
    Chicago Film Critics
    2010 St. Louis Film Critics’ Awards
    Florida Film Critics Circle Awards
    15th Annual Satellite Awards
    Houston Film Critics Awards
    Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association
    Detroit Film Critics Society
    The Las Vegas Film Critics Society
    Toronto Film Critics
    The San Francisco Film Critics
    New York Film Critics Circle
    The Southeastern Film Critics
    Los Angeles Film Critics
    New York Film Critics Online
    Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
    Indiana Folm Critics Assosiation
    Washington DC Area Film Critics
    National Board of Review

    Best Movie of the Year:

    The New York Times
    Los Angeles Times
    The New Yorker
    The Wall Street Journal
    Rolling Stone
    New York Post
    Sight & Sound
    AP Associated Press
    The Miami Herald
    The Washington Post
    Chicago Sun-Times
    LA Weekly

    IMDb Top 250 - #161
    Rating: 8.2/10 (65,896 votes)

    Rotten Tomatoes - 97% Fresh

    Box Office Mojo -
    Domestic: $94,132,048
    Worldwide: $199,681,699

    Yahoo! Users: A- 3418 ratings

    Metascore - 95/100
    User Score - 8.4