Empire: "The Social Network" Set Visit

Empire Magazine's Nev Pierce, one of few to witness Fincher direct (and namely the only journalist to visit the Zodiac set), returns with another great piece, documenting David Fincher's latest, THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

Pierce has written outstandingly about FIGHT CLUB, ZODIAC and BENJAMIN BUTTON before, and interviewed the Finch multiple times. But the best thing is: you can discover, download and appreciate most of his articles on his site!

Pierce was invited to visit The Social Network set last december and witness the chemistry of the Garfield, Timberlake and Eisenberg led ensemble, as well as see Fincher navigate his cast and crew through this rapid-fire Sorkinese script.

I have heard enough bad things about myself to know that it's a f–king hard thing to be in Zuckerberg's position.

David Fincher

Definitely check out Nev Pierce's site for his previous articles on the making of Fight Club and a very enlightening Q&A with the director, as well as browse through tons of other stories and big names. (But beware: Those are some big-ass PDF files; may take a day or two to load.)

Link roll:


Fight Club Making Of (PDF)
Zodiac set visit (PDF)
David Fincher career interview (PDF)
Geek Tragedy: The Social Network set visit (PDF)


  1. this is beyond awesome.

    thanks for sharing the new piece, as well as remind us about the older ones.

  2. Can't wait to read through these, thank you!