Fincher's After Effects

It's now a widely known fact that Fincher is the most early adopter of technology of all Hollywood directors. He's able to seamlessly integrate the latest innovations for the sake of the story, not necessarily to show off (all right, let's forget Panic Room through the coffee pot handle shot).

Remember when Fincher praised Apple's Final Cut Pro for Zodiac a couple of years ago? Well, now it's Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium. And it's not a marketing trick, the video you'll be able to watch down below shows how a 700$ software can really enhance the viewer's experience. You'll see how the most common shots were altered with this product. Really amazing and it seems the editor assistant editor Tyler Nelson had a great time too using it.

Like Fincher says it's really about being able to make 20M$ movies look like major productions. You can expect him to use these tools for his next films as well as others he might produce soon for his own company.

(...) the intention here is not to put people out of work, the intention here is to make more movies, by making them more cost effective, by making them faster to do.

David Fincher

Thanks to Mikez for pointing this out to us.

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