The Social Network: Filmmakers' Roundtable

Why not grab an insanely talented group of people, say David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin, Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer and all the rest of them, and sit them down at a table, talking. Hey, wait a minute -- yeah, why not...

MTV's filmmakers' round-table for The Social Network!


  1. Is there a such thing as too much of a good thing??

    in this case, I don't think so, keep it coming guys, keep it


  2. Great stuff!

    I've heard Aaron say the same things a number of times now, especially his comparison with "material that Shakespeare would write", "but luckily wasn't available".

    I guess that's the repetition of doing promo and press, and being asked the same questions over and over.

  3. I noticed that as well, especially with Sorkin. I think in some interview he said he feels uncomfortable in front of cameras. So since he's an okay writer he probably prepared a few lines ahead of time that he can keep coming back to. I don't blame him. I'd probably go nuts if I had to answer the exact same question a million times in a row. What a circus!

  4. Another Fincher and Sorkin video interview:


    And I confirm the CGI breath is a catastrophe and not worth Fincher's talent.