Ren Klyce On »The Social Network«

Sound designer Ren Klyce has shared a working relationship with David Fincher, that dates all the way back to »Se7en«. He is the one, who brought you the punch-in-the-gut audio of »Fight Club« and the world's most awesome sounding basketball in »Panic Room«. Now he shares an insight or two about his work on »The Social Network«.

»Two members of Fincher’s talented sound team, Sound Re-recording Mixer and Supervisor Sound Editor Ren Kylce and Sound Re-Recording Mixer Michael Semanick take the viewer through the creative and technical process for crafting the audio soundscape in this exclusive SoundWorks Collection video profile.«

Yupp, that's about what it is. But also this video contains a lot of behind the scenes footage from the set. Informative. Definitely worth watching.

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