»The Social Network« Euro Premiere +++Updated+++

This Sunday evening David Fincher and most of the cast were on the Champs-Élysées to launch the film locally.

Being opened to the public, I was lucky enough to get a ticket. This is to be the only European screening with Fincher and it was fully booked.

It's about 6 pm, 1h30 before the show starts, when the public is able to get in. On a Hollywood scale, you would say it's a moderately large premiere. But the red carpet is here and a pool of photographers inside.

The wait wasn't that bad because we were able to see the venue on the theater's screen. As expected Justin Timberlake was the reason a lot of people came, or at least were waiting outside for autographs and pictures. And he was indeed quite generous with his fans.
An hour later, and briefly introduced, the whole cast makes its appearance on stage:

Director, actors and screenwriter are warmly greeted by the standing audience. Lots of cheering and cell phone pictures taken. We will only get a single word from Fincher ("enjoy the movie") and that's it. They all exit the stage probably heading directly to their promotional duties or a VIP cocktail a floor below.

As for the film itself, you'll probably enjoy it if you're a fan of Facebook or web 2.0 economy. Lots of computer screens, student parties and lawsuits. Aaron Sorkin's screenplay and Fincher's direction do their best to energize a story in which there is pretty much nothing at stake. And you may wonder if this enterprise is not vain and this flawless execution, as usual with Fincher, goes wasted. I'm probably wrong since The Social Network and Benjamin Button were critically acclaimed.

Anyway, am I the only one to regret that Fincher persist in not sticking to what he does best: thrillers?

Your comments are welcomed now!


  1. Sounds amazing. Have fun. I am looking forward to what you have to say!

  2. Awesome, have a good time and report as soon as you can :)

  3. Yes , i will be there (i am french it's easier for me)
    I am sure we will enjoy it!

  4. We were there too. He didn't say much, but being in the presence of Fincher was huge! The theater applauded only for him!
    Liked the movie too, though it's the less personnal film from Fincher. A film that requires attention, makes you think, doesn't go easy on you.

  5. Thanks for the update and pics :)

    I'm very happy he makes movies other then thrillers. It will only make him a better storyteller. Also, having done best thrillers in the genre, I would really like to try other things ;) And to succeed in something else... it just shows how good director he is.

    I wish, someday, he makes another Sci-Fi movie. I'm sure A3 is not his final word in this genre ;)

  6. "Rendezvous with Rama", please please please!

  7. your nonsense is making my brian hurt!!

  8. I like cheeseburgers, so thanks for the link!

  9. What's with the cheeseburger? Don't get it.