It's Shut The F--k Up Time!

Thanks to frequent contributor Jen for linking us to this: TimeOut London's exclusive interview with David Fincher, talking "The Social Network", "Dragon Tattoo" and then some. Oh, and this may include one of my favorite Fincher quotes ever...

There are some instances of Fincherspection, where the man himself confesses he found TSN's first cut to be slight, he feared Benjamin Button might turn out maudlin, and Se7en and Fight Club could possibly not be violent enough. Nonetheless he feels the resulting "The Social Network" is the right version of this movie. And I agree.

It’s not going to start in black as was written. They’re going to start talking over the f--king Columbia Pictures logo! If I could’ve put the opening lines of dialogue over a trailer, I would’ve done that. It’s shut-the-f--k-up time: pay attention, or you’re going to miss a lot!

David Fincher

The upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will be an adaptation from Stieg Larsson's novel, not a remake of the Swedish films, as Fincher stresses. And I find that to be very intriguing. In another recent interview Fincher says he was asked to "go deep" with the material, and if you know the original Swedish title of the book is "Men who hate Women" and some of the most disturbing scenes in the novel, you might no sleep very well, suspecting where Fincher is taking this.

For fans of Fincher's thriller work and especially admirers of Se7en and Zodiac, his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is already the must-see film of 2011. Good thing he's already directing this as of right now and it's only about a year's worth of waiting. Because to tell you the truth, The Social Network is quite addictive, and I can tell I need another fix of Fincher greatness soon...

Interview is here:

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  1. An excellent quote!

    Social Network is very addictive. :) I went for a second view just to see Jesse's performance again. Now I want to go again just to soak in all the Fincher-details.