Jeff Cronenweth on The Social Network +++updated+++

Among all movie techniques, lightning and photography probably characterize David Fincher's work the most. It's no surprise that once again with The Social Network he continues to "sculpt in light".

For the The Social Network, Fincher re-teamed with Jeff Cronenweth, do we need to mention, son of DoP Jordan Cronenweth, responsible for Blade Runner photography. His father also worked two weeks into production of Alien3 before being replaced, and died in 1996.

Jeff Cronenweth first worked as camera operator of Se7en and second unit DoP of The Game, before being in charge of Fight Club. He also did an amazing job for one of my favourite Fincher's video A Perfect Circle's Judith. So for anyone familiar with Fight Club , The Social Network photography is pretty much familiar ground.

In the American Cinematographer October issue, Fincher talks a lot about the use of the Red One camera. It's pretty technical but proves very insightful for any Fincher fans!

[David] likes symmetry balanced compositions, strong lines, level frames, zero keystone effects. He favors [dolly] track and avoids cranes as much as possible. I believe there is only one handheld shot in the entire movie. David was so clear on what he wanted visually that camera placements and focal-length choices were easy to make.

Peter Rosenfeld

+++ Update +++
Brent, Jeff & all: you asked for more technical stuff? Here you go:
International Cinematographers Guild also features a very interesting piece on Fincher and Cronenweth's re-teaming. Check out the link below!

American Cinematographer article
ICG article


  1. easily the best article I've seen about the making of social network. good job.

  2. Awesome, more technical articles please!