The Social Network: Film Clips

The cinematic release is about a week away, here come the first clips from David Fincher's »The Social Network«. Thanks to Gould and Thiago for assembling these... and heed the warning:

Might not want to watch these before the movie; might spoil the fun...

Ugh, and let me add another warning: I wanted to put these on the blog, for you to watch them all in one place. Now I noticed after you watch a clip it forces you to sit through a commercial, which is highly annoying.

You might want to watch these on the Yahoo! site, where you can simply click on the next item, skipping the ads. (Link is below).

Here's the external link:


  1. I love the actors in this. Jesse Eisenberg is very good as Zuckerberg, Garfield is great, Armie Hammer is outstanding. Cannot wait to see this!

  2. great interview

  3. Fincher's Director's Dialogue individual interview from Sat 25th is up over at Trailer Addict starting here: