NYFF '10 Q&A On »The Social Network«

Yesterday's premiere at the 2010 New York Film Festival was considered the first official screening of David Fincher's latest, »The Social Network«. We've heard enough rave to convince us to see this already. Now there was an opportunity to catch Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Mr. Fincher for a 45 min. Q&A session.

I'll provide you with reports on this event in two parts: the first is a link to a (written) collection of 10 quotes from the Q&A that are said to reflect the most interesting things that were said. Secondly (below) I'll embed 45 minutes worth of video from the event -- with poor but understandable audio.

NYFF's Todd McCarthy hosted the Q&A (that happened after an early morning screening of the film, which in itself feels odd; movies in general and Fincher movies in particular are not for daytime, ain't that so?). For everyone who wasn't blessed with the privilege to be there Indiewire posted the highlights of the session.

People thought we were making the sequel to »The Net«.

– David Fincher

It should make sense to read the quotes first and then decide whether to watch the 45 minutes of footage for more info. For one because I found it arduous to understand the audio at times.

So here's the link to the excerpts:

* * *

And if you want to tune in on what the far-left front row experience was like, »The Lost Boy« Peter Knegt has posted his video recordings of the session, albeit stating he found something underwhelming -- either the film itself or their nearly one hour talk about it. I'm not sure what he's refering to, can you make it out?

Anyway, thanks for getting out of bed early and sharing this experience.


  1. Pretty sure, he's talking about the panel being underwhelming. Because, well, it is.

  2. Is there a way to watch TSN with Justin's face blurred?

  3. Here's the NYFF press conference with better audio and video: