Of Fincher's Influence

901 Silver Tequila, you may think, doesn't have a whole lot to do with David Fincher. That's at first sight. For their latest ads may owe a lot to Fincher's vision, and here's a couple of reasons why...

For anyone accustomed with Fincher's movies, the visuals will look strangely familiar. Dark shades, sharp camera moves, many designing principles reminiscient of Fincher's work. And once you take a look into the credits, things start looking a little clearer.

The commercials, first released in July, were directed by guess who: Justin Timberlake (that's because 901 Silver Tequila is Timberlake's own brand, interestingly enough). FIGHT CLUB cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth as DoP, Rock Paper Scissors editing. Now if theses names, screens and videos below won't convince you of the Fincher connection... I'm confused!

The campaign is composed of 3 commercials, the sexiest and most notable ones feature two spectacular femme fatale (and that's not an excuse for this post!).

Director Justin Timberlake also rightfully says he's been around cameras for two thirds of his life and he sure has worked with a host of talented directors, including but not limited to Nick Cassavetes, Richard Kelly and Francis Lawrence. Most recently he was on the set in the hands of master David Fincher for the just-around-the-corner "The Social Network"... and yeah, well, it literally looks like that made an impression.

But just watch below:

"Let Them Eat Cake"

"Risk And Peril"

"Improved By Use"

Big thanks to Manny for first pointing us to these.

Here are some links to check out:
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Making Of

So what do you think?


  1. He's copied the Fincher look alright. Not so much Fincher's perfection in framing, staging, motion, although pretty close. Superb for a first timer, I would say.

  2. Cake and Peril are top of the line. It do help having the very best on your creative team.

  3. Yeah... well... do you think Timberlake could still copy Fight Club without the help of Jeff Cronenweth, who shot just that, and Kirk Baxter?

    It's a blatant ripoff of Fincher's style, paid by Timberlake's *NSYNC money hose. I think Justin knows that; it's why he's so defensive about explaining why he's a "director" now, apparently being around cameras qualifies for it...

    His only directorial achievment: hire Cronenweth and Baxter, and tell them to make it look like Fight Club.

  4. check:


  5. Yuck. I don't dig the commercials, nor the Tequila.

    Must be a new trend for Hollywood hipsters. First they were knitting, then they started clothing lines, perfumes, and now they enter the wine and liquor business. As if we need more of those mongers.

  6. Oh what a load of crap...
    "His only directorial achievment: hire Cronenweth and Baxter, and tell them to make it look like Fight Club." Perfectly said.