The Social Network website is launched

You can now enter the movie official web site to access exclusive content

Sony Pictures has just released full content for Fincher's upcoming movie. While listening to NIN/Trent Raznor's chilling score you'll be able to browse all new features (synopsis, cast, photos, videos, news...).

Major update is 46 high res pictures. No new clips so far.

There's still 4 weeks before the October 1 release, and a little less before New York Film Festival September 24th premiere, so you can expect more soon.

The Social Network Official Site


  1. Nothing like the Zodiac website... just a tool for Sony's marketing department, not more.

  2. True the website holds not very much. I guess Columbia knows that a website is so web 1.0 and now people/consumers go on... social network to get content or opinions. Still the design is not that bad.