The Girl With The Mean Machine

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is taking some serious motorcycle lessons. Prepwork for David Fincher's next film that is -- and there's video evidence.

This is obviously taken from Swedish TV. The only chunks I understood were "Rooney Mara", "Hollywood's Lisbeth Salander" and "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". But hey, at least now we know for sure that's who it is and that's what it is for.

All kindness aside: She has a little road ahead of her, it seems... right now she looks more "frightened" than "badass" on the monstrous machine. See for yourselves:

Hot and delicious that Rooney Mara!
Some source links:
Rooney Mara (more or less) Official Site


  1. I think she's more pretty or cute than hot and delicious.

    Not a huge fan of this casting move. I had she had zero charisma or know-how in Nightmare on Elm Street. She must really show a quantum leap in Social Network.

  2. Fincher has come to like working with newcomers as of lately... why not throw in a part for his daughter Phelix Fincher as well? She's also an aspiring actress...


  4. No Phelix is not, she wants to work behind the scenes. Don't assume stuff about people you don't know