Andrew Garfield @ Telluride

Andrew Garfield was at Telluride to present his recent collaboration with Mark Romanek, Never Let Me Go. Luckily his interview partner made good use of the opportunity and squeeze him for some Fincher statements.

And Garfield does have a thing or two to say about his work on The Social Network, David Fincher's approach to directing actors and getting breathtaking performances, and his getting along with co-stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake.

On working for David Fincher:

You do the scene every single different way you could have ever done the scene. He just wants you to f--k up so that you become more alive in the moment. And we’re working on the Red cameras, so he’ll just delete things if it doesn’t work."

– Andrew Garfield

Oh, and there's also some Spiderman talk. Naturally.

Thanks to Thiago for this find!
Here you go:

RiskyBusiness: Andrew Garfield Telluride Q&A


  1. Interesting fella. I'd like to see more movies with him.

  2. Love the quote!

    Just a heads up - if anyone is trying to get tickets to the Dialogues with David Fincher at NYFF on the 25th, it's sold out. Their website crashed due to high demand (bad planning!) and by the time I got through on the phone it was sold out. Massively disappointed.