The Social Network: First (Very Positive) Review

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It seems a wave of reviews, and mostly so good ones, of David Fincher's upcoming film "The Social Network" is upon us. Thanks to Gould, who posted Film Comment's first review, we can already anticipate something big, bold and worth our time. Fincher's fans can be very happy. Facebook founders, not so much, as it seems:

Big thanks to frequent contributor Fitz, here come two pieces talking about how Facebook execs like the film -- and as it turns out, they don't. The two new articles attached to this post (below) talk about Facebook asking for script changes that weren't made and more of the behind the scenes standoff of Zuckerberg vs. the filmmakers.

Another special statement about the film definitely worth mentioning comes from Rolling Stone critic Peter Tarvers' tweet:

David Fincher’s Social Network is the 1st film I've given **** in 2010. It’s the movie of the year that also brilliantly defines the decade

– Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

Sounds more than amazing! Stay tuned.

If you are a bit skeptical about the upcoming David Fincher film ("a facebook movie???"), this first review should bring some relief. And if you simply can't wait for the movie, this piece will only raise your expectations.

Film Comment web site has just posted what seems to be the first review of facebook saga's dark side. Former critic Scott Foundas (Variety/LA Weekly/Village Voice) and now film programmer saw "(...) a movie of people typing in front of computer screens and talking in rooms that is as suspenseful as any more obvious thriller."

"Splendid entertainment from a master storyteller"

– Scott Foundas
Film Comment

In what reads as a very elaborate review (make sure to read it, link is just below), Scott Foundas raves about TSN "(...) big and brash and brilliant enough to encompass (...) such timeless subjects as power and privilege."

Also look forward to reading the next September issue of Film Comment which will feature Fincher's film on its cover. Note that FC has always been a supporter of Fincher for many years. Associate director of programming at the Film Society and editor-at-large Kent Jones has also done a lot to promote Fincher's work. And, to my knowledge, was the first to host of a session with the Zodiac director at the Walter Read Theater a couple of years ago.

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  1. A Facebook movie???

    Sorry, can't get over it. Not interested.

  2. Let's stay calm ;-)

    Travers is the guy who raved about Inception and Button also got very good reviews.