Damage Control

Considering it's August and David Fincher's new film about the beginnings of one of the world's biggest internet companies is still a good five weeks away from its wide release -- it is making huge waves. And some, it seems, are afraid to drown...

These next few weeks ahead of us will explode with Fincher-related and of course The Social Network-related news items, which should bring forth some cool new interviews to look forward to; hopefully with a less and less camera shy director. I am not expecting many more trailers to be release, probably a host of TV spots and they might do some scene previews online. And of course the biggest moment of this fall's cinematic landscape -- the movie itself, which I am, all initial scepticisms aside, very much looking forward to and excited about.

With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo following closely we might even have a chance not to experience a complete Fincher blackout after TSN's release; which pretty much happened after Zodiac and Benjamin Button... where first you were crushed with marketing's ultimate wave and then left with dead air. As a matter of fact, with interest in Fincher's next project peaking, there may be a lot of coverage even early on, which of course is what I am hoping for. And what I hope for even more: I would love to see Fincher tackle a new music video one of these days... it's been a while.

For now here are two cool articles about 'The Social Network' making splashes: Producer Scott Rudin not cutting a bare breasts / cocaine scene (sounds like fun, the nude part) and what possible effects the movie might have on Facebook's brand image.

Big thanks to contributors Fitz and Gould!

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  1. Shouldn't the headline read "Rumour Control"? (Alien3) ;-)