Heineken - "All True"

Rediscoveries of classic Fincher ads have got to be my favorite posts! David Fincher's less recent works in advertising are hard to track down. Which makes it absolutely priceless, when one runs into some of them -- much more so when they turn out to be truly brilliant like the following ones...

On an average budget of $11.000 David Fincher directed three subversive, brilliantly ironic TV spots for his favorite beer brand, Heineken, "All true". (By favorite I don't mean his taste in alcoholica; rather, that thankfully he returned to this brand years later to helm the Brad Pitt starring "Beer Run").

You can read all about the creation of this campaign, thanks to amazing background info gathered by a frequent contributor to this site. For those who feel like less reading and more watching, head on over and watch the spots on mahancreative.com's site right now -- they are absolutely stunning!

In the TV spots, bits of miscommunication come at us, shorn of context. Some, unwittingly, become mini-portraits of modern dysfunctionality

– Alex Williams
New York Magazine

I predict you will miss Fincher's signature camera moves, his direction of on screen acting, and editing in these. Curiously. But what you will definitely find is a sense of his humor and social commentary, which later became more fully apparent in "Fight Club".

These three spots I found to be very, very inspiring. A great campaign, that, as the further background information indicates, created a significant increase in sales in the year of its release. No wonder.

http://www.mahancreative.com/...    3 TV spots

More info:
New York Magazine article on Google Books
An excerpt of »Bang!« by Linda Kaplan Thaler


  1. "Look, I don't know who the (bleep) wrote Moby (bleep)-ing Dick."


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