The Social Network Theatrical Trailer

Friends, we've been waiting for it and at last here it is: The full theatrical trailer for David Fincher's October 2010 release, The Social Network.

Photography looks beautiful and reminds of Fight Club shades (same DoP by the way). Editing looks superb. Overall, seems like Fincher tried to elevate the movie to something superiror than just a Zeitgeist phenomenon.

Not so sure Radiohead's Creeps works perfectly though, will probably need second viewing to appreciate it. And wait for trailer 2.

Enough said, here it is :

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  1. Amazing. Call me converted from a hater of "The Facebook Movie" to an appreciative viewer who thinks this movie rocks! And Radiohead fits very well.

  2. The music fits to me... until it stops. Seems like they made two trailers into one.

    I was a bit skeptical too regarding the facebook stuff. Let's hope Fincher did not spoil his talent for a "Cruel Intentions 4" ;-)

  3. Haha! Cruel Intentions 4... There's a higher resolution trailer on

  4. This trailer puts some of my fears to rest. I know I'm in the minority but the other two teaser's did very little for me.

  5. teasers not teaser's

  6. Cool. Another classic movie from David Fincher :)

  7. Sorry for my english! i am f§cking french boy

    i defenetly prefer the 2teasers
    the trailer lookks like the movie going to be
    another UsA teenagers movie/bullshit
    i hope and know i am wrong by kwoing Fincher's works.
    i want a dark movie again Finch'

    but this trailer is suck
    like the photography !

  8. i hope and know i am wrong : by knowing* Fincher's works.

  9. that's, well, not very exiting. i like fincher but this story doesn't fit with his style, your right he's trying to make this look like fight club but it's not fight club it's the facebook flick. sorry but this will suck. too bad.

  10. I think the choice of song is absolutely perfect for the trailer and I love it how Fincher with the first part of the trailer straight-out questions the whole social networking phenomenon.


  11. One of the greatest trailers of all time, in no small part because of that haunting rendition of Creep. If the film is half as good as the trailer, it should be a major contender during award season.