The Goon Teaser

This project has been to development hell and back, another long-gestating, hotly anticipated item on the master's crowded slate. And now: Just in time for this year's Comic-Con we're getting a first glimpse at the David Fincher produced graphic novel adaptation "The Goon".

The script for the film had been finished a long time ago and last we heard was Fincher taking the project to studios, shopping for a green-light. As MTV now announces alongside the first teaser footage, this year's Comic Con will host a panel with both Paul Giamatti (who voices Frankie in the movie) and David Fincher in attendence.

Supposedly more footage from the film will be revealed at the Comic Con event, which will also be made available through MTV's website. And David Fincher will drop by the MTV headquarters to talk about all matters Goon-related.

Sounds good. Consider this is the movie that was described as...

It’s fun,
and just dark enough.

Check out the footage here:

...and follow this link for all the gory details:

Let's hear it: How are you liking that?


  1. Maybe we'll even find out who's directing the thing or should I say the goon...


  2. Awesome!! Looks great, I'd love to watch it. So who's directing? And is Fincher really producing?

  3. I remember Eric Powell saying something to the effect that Fincher will be more than a figurehead on the project, whatever that means. He will probably not direct it. But as of now it appears not to be set. IMDBPro lists Eric Powell as the writer of the screenplay, David Fincher as producer and Mike Richardson executive producing.

  4. This could have just the right kind of humor for Fincher to get on board for more than producing. If you watch "Panic Room" it is obvious Fincher is obsessed with total control over the cinematography. So it's a certainty sooner or later he will turn to directing animation, where this total control comes with the job. All I am hoping is he won't turn all Zemeckis on his fans.