Romanek's portrait of David Fincher

Let's take a break from The Social Network promotion to enjoy pure art : Mark Romanek's dark shot of Fincher.

David Fincher in Windsor, July 12 2010.
Courtesy of Mark Romanek.

For those of you who don't know, and they must be few, Mark Romanek is one of the most talented director around. He shares with Fincher an uncommon vision when it comes to music videos (Johnny Cash's Hurt or Jay Z 99 problems are must see) and commercials (mostly produced by Anonymous Content). Along with an uncompromising way of making of movies: Romanek has only 2 features in 8 years. His new movie, Never Let Me Go, will come out this fall. Don't miss it!

Check out these links :

Mark Romanek's blog here
His (no longer updated) official web site here
Gorgeous trailer of "Never Let Me Go" here


  1. Levi's Odyssey commercial was directed by Jonathan Glazer, methinks... It's the one with the guy running through walls, right?

  2. Oops! Shame on me you're right :-((

    Post updated

  3. Romanek should direct movies more often. One Hour Photo was good. And the trailer for Never Let Me Go looks very good!


    full trailer for the social network

  5. Romanek is one of Fincher's best friends and he even lives close to him at Los Feliz