NIN Scores The Social Network

There is rarely a greater coupling of music and image than Nine Inch Nails' chilling, industrial score for the fantastic opening sequence in "Se7en". David Fincher and NIN's Trent Reznor have been professionally acquainted for a long time, spanning their collaboration on Fincher's break-through to his amazing video for "Only". Now they are ready to open an amazing next chapter: With Trent Reznor writing the soundtrack for "The Social Network"

"David Fincher started inquiring about my interest in scoring his upcoming film, The Social Network. Yeah, the movie about the founding of Facebook. I've always loved David's work but quite honestly I wondered what would draw him to tell that story. When I actually read the script and realized what he was up to, I said goodbye to that free time I had planned", writes Trent Reznor on his Nine Inch Nails' official website. Reznor is cooperating with Atticus Ross, a composer and producer, who has been a long-time companion. Ross has recently scored "The Book Of Eli" and had previously produced several Nine Inch Nails albums.

As of now, Reznor writes "I'm happy to tell you we're nearing the completion of this and I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out." His work on the score will likely be compiled on a soundtrack album, that will be released a few weeks prior to the film's opening on October 1.

The level of excellence that David operates on is inspiring and the entire process has been challenging and truly enjoyable. Speaking of the film... it's really f--king good.

– Trent Reznor

That is amazing news. Not only that Nine Inch Nails and David Fincher are at it again, but Reznor's opinion of the film also sounds very promising.

With the first teaser trailer released last week, this is slowly but surely rising up the ranks to be my most highly anticipated film of this year.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one having doubts about the Facebook movie and its story. But Reznor first doubting and now loving it makes me confident that it will turn out to be a great movie.

  2. This can only turn out excellent. Reznor is a fucking genius, so is Sorkin, so is Fincher. I see what Reznor is saying about having doubts at first. I've had issues with the casting decisions, esp. Justin Timberlake. But then again it's Fincher and when Reznor says it's all good and one hell of a movie, that's a valid testimonial for me.

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