The Social Network Teaser Hits The Web!

Fincher's upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network, finally gets a trailer. Albeit, a very special one...

With Fincher you can always expect bold trailers and this one is no exception. A very moody and brooding sound montage, very 70-ish. Just brilliant or plain fustrating? It's up to you. But enough said.

Watch it now. And let's hear what you think:
The Social Network - Official First Trailer


  1. Gould, you make my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope there will be a real trailer for the film as well. This teaser is very good and breathes kind of an "Inception" vibe, especially in its music. It might just be a little artsy for a broader audience, no?

  3. Terrific. Can't wait to see it. I always regard teasers more relevant for fans ("can't wait for the teaser"). The real trailer will absolutely try to target a broader audience. I think it has more of a "The Game" vibe. Like the teaser on the SE DVD wit the the lay figure.

  4. Michael Bay summed up in a commercial: