Has Fincher Found His Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

NY Magazine web site reports that Fincher has been raving about a South African rap group female leader.

Production of the best seller has not started yet but David Fincher seems to have pretty firm convictions on how his thriller's female hacker should look like. Sources tell NY Magazine that South African Die Antwoord's female rap singer Yo-Landi Vi$$er is how his Girl should be. Beach-blond, mullet-sporting, tough and sexy, she seems indeed a perfect match.

Die Antwood's rep have confirmed Fincher's interest for their client but so far nothing is sure about a role in the movie. Panic Room's and Twilight's Kristen Stewart being even too "busy" thinking of coveting the role, Carey Mulligan remains the most serious contender so far.

As usual count on us to keep you updated about the casting latest news!

Go here for NY Mag post
And here for Die Antoord's officiel web site.


  1. The studio execs are gonna love her... I think Carey Mulligan is a safer bet for them.

  2. @Anon

    I think it's expected to be an unknown. It's what Fincher wants. Plus, the execs are probably happy enough with Daniel Craig's star power--especially since by the time this comes out he'll probably be an even bigger star thanks to COWBOYS & ALIENS (unless it flops).

  3. I LOVE THIS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don't know... I don't like hip hop girls and "yo yo!" attitudes. Get Carey Mulligan, please.