Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Casting Update

According to Deadline New York Fincher is narrowing down his choice to a few actresses now.

Not only did Sony Pictures announced today a December 21, 2011 release date for the film, but casting rumours are going strong. This is definitely a busy year for Fincher.

Regarding the male lead, Daniel Craig remains a serious contender but scheduling problem might prevent him from playing publisher Mikael Blomkvist.

Test screening are underway for the female leading role of Lisbeth Salander. Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) have been mentioned as possible Lisbeth candidates, along with Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Sara Snook (Sleeping Beauty), Rooney Mara (The Social Network) and Sophie Lowe (Blame).

A puzzling clue is that Fincher may be telling his actresses to practice their Swedish accents...

These information should be taken carefully since another source, Anna Thompson, says one unidentified french actress is also auditioning this week. Roger Friedman of Hollywood News says he knows the candidate: Lea Seydoux (Inglorious Basterds, Robin Hood).

Novel is adapted by Steve Zaillian, produced by Scott Rudin, already a partner of Fincher on The Social Network.

Read article here:
Deadline New York
Anne Thompson's
Hollywood News


  1. And the girl from the south african band DIE ANTWOORD ????

  2. i wouldn't be surprised if most of that casting blab is nothing but that: rumors. actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Fincher was just developing this to get talent interested and secure financing and then drop out to leave the director's chair to s.o. else. I don't see why he cares to make a remake of the series anyway.

  3. Told ya that Hip Hop girl is a too risky asset for Hollywood studio execs.

  4. Tottally agree with you Jeff B*tches!
    what s the point?!

  5. i want Yo-Landi Vi$$er !!!!

  6. Does anyone know Fincher's agent and/or Fincher's contact info?

  7. Why can't Alison Lohman do Lisbeth, she could do it in her sleep....

  8. Saw the 4 pics for Lisbeth on Yahoo. No,
    offer Noomi Rapace more money! Need angular
    features, her eyes, commitment to piercing +
    Craig can probably pull off part.

  9. Please Mr Fincher, consider Katherine Moennig for the role of Lisbeth. She has the perfect body for this character.