Zodiac Fashion

From The L Magazine comes an interesting piece on Zodiac's....ties.

It seems costume design has always been the unnoticed art of Fincher's movies. Still, they deserve praise as any other movie craft. Michael Kaplan's black & white suits for Brad Pitt in Se7en, Tyler Durden's dandy looks in Fight Club, and even Raoul's hood in Panic Room, surely helped make the characters believable and unforgettable.

Zodiac costume design was probably one of the hardest job since it's a period piece. Among possible challenges, you must make sure the costumes match the period's fashion while being worn by the actors naturally, not just like fashion models. Costume designer Casey Storm achieved that perfection.

Though I believe most of us have seen this film several times (I did 4 or 5 so far), did one of us ever noticed the variety of ties? Well, Matt Zoller Seitz and Sarah D.Bunting did for us and made this funny little video essay on Zodiac.

Big thanks to Fitz for bringing it to our attention.

Enjoy it here :Link

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  1. Haha, this is great! I don't think I can ever watch the movie again without staring at the ties...