SE7EN Blu-Ray!

Yupp, this is truly amazing news: As I have just stumbled upon, it seems Warner Brothers is making plans to honor the 15th anniversary of David Fincher's cult serial-killer flick's theatrical run with a Blu-Ray release!

As reports internal retailer information indicates these plans to take shape. That would mark September 22nd 2010 as a likely US release date for the title, October 25th 2010 as UK release date respectively.

Oh my. I really didn't want to make a habit of double-dipping my voluminous DVD collection for every grand BluRay rerelease. But SE7EN? In 1080p? In one of these ultra-fine, flawless Fincher transfers? Are you kidding me? I'd have to buy that twice!

Since these are early rumors and I haven't run into any official announcements or confirmations yet, let's try to soft-pedal this item. But what do you guys think? Sounds like a double-dip to you?

Here's the source:


  1. If the extras don't carry over, I'm not buying.

  2. I agree. Im not going to redo my whole movie library for bluray but i think ill get this one again