Mulligan Gets A Thumbs Up From Fincher

Academy Award winner Carey Mulligan now reportedly has David Fincher's approval to play the part of Lisbeth Salander in the Scott Rudin produced Hollywood remake of Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy.

Times Online reports this casting info alongside of Mulligan's probable paycheck and her testimonial to Larsson's material: "I am obsessed with those books. I would love to do them. I am not going to lie about that. I would love to play Lisbeth Salander."

The article goes on to mention that 24-year-old Mulligan has not been officially signed for the part. But an unnamed CAA executive is quoted as saying, "Carey has proven she can do sweet and tough in An Education. Now she wants to do something bigger and bolder, without becoming a comic book heroine. This role will make her a household name."

Sure, go ahead, sounds promising to me. The first two films of the initial swedish adaptation are just hitting cinemas and the buzz is: they are very good. But without having seen them, I trust my Fincher gut-instinct: He will create yet another more than rock-solid cinematic experience all in its own right!

So it looks like this is really moving forward. How are feeling about this?

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  1. Now all we need is Brad Pitt ;)

    I'm very happy with the news. Fincher doing another great thriller movie... perfect.

  2. ...and possibly a trilogy! Hell yeah! Count me in!

  3. This rumor has been denied by Scott Rudin, by the way.