Fincher's Leonardo Di Caprio RED Screen-Test

Updating the recent report of David Fincher's test-shoot of the new RED ONE with Mysterium X sensor and one cool cigar puffing Leonardo Di Caprio: Here's the corresponding video!

Some of you may care to know this was shot at ISO 2000 and a Master Prime at T 1.3, with only a match as key light. Others may just care to witness that it looks way jaw-dropping.

This is state-of-the-art digital cinematography, brought to you by Hollywood's finest.

Enough talking? Just like I though. Here's the clip:

How are you liking it? And what story would be a great Dicaprio / Fincher pairing you would like to see?


  1. Verrry cool. Ness, maybe?

  2. Stunning. It's incredible what digital cameras have developed to in such little time. There's no noise whatsoever in the dark parts and the detail is just mind-blowing. I'm trying to imagine this shot projected in 4K... help... I'm getting dizzy!