Fincherfanatic Goes Twitter

Following up on the suggestions of a handful of you fanatics out there, I am glad to announce our editorial staff has made the effort to bring this Fincher blog to Twitter!

If you are already using twitter, you can now follow us at, and use it as a reminder, when new posts are published on this blog. And for everyone else: With our Twitter account we will be able to bring you the latest updates and goodies on David Fincher -- and more entertainment news that could be of interest to you.

The latest Twitter updates will show up on the sidebar, to keep all of you updated on the news that are floating around! And of course: Whenever you find anything fascinating, inspiring, stunning you want to share with the fanatic community -- write us at contribute (at)

How do you like it all? How can we use the Twitter service more creatively, effectively? And what else can we tackle to improve this site?

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