Fincher Switches On Automatic

Remember when Fincher's in-development slate included "Mission: Impossible III", "Spiderman", "Rendezvous With Rama" and about half a ton of other rumors? Well, I guess we're back to that again. With about a dozen possible next directing jobs, here's yet another one: Supposedly David Fincher and Blur Animation Studios optioned the sci-fi novel "The Automatic Detective".

According to SF Site, our beloved director is getting busier. Along with the animation studio, who also optioned The Goon in 2008, David Fincher could direct and/or produce a movie based on this SF hard boiled detective story.

The story goes: "Mack Megaton drives a cab in the mutant-infested technotopia of Empire City. It's a step down for a massive killing machine created for world domination, but kind-hearted Megaton has bucked his programming, and when his secretive neighbors, the Bleakers, go missing, he begins a search. Young Holt Bleaker has something in his mutant blood that makes him valuable to aliens poised to invade Empire City, and only a giant robot—a robot like Mack Megaton—can break him out of the fortress where he's held prisoner. Soon plans go awry when sinister psychic Grey subverts Megaton's programming, but he finds an unlikely ally in Lucia Napier, an outrageously beautiful and talented media star and roboticist." (Amazon)

If only one thing, this description of the plot certainly makes it sound like a perfect match for a Fincher flick:

"A smart, rocket-fast read with a clever, twisty plot that comes to a satisfying conclusion."

Could this be Fincher's take on Blade Runner? Since our man has a load of projects on his arms, we'll see if this one becomes reality...

No confirmation yet on Blur Studio web site.

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  1. I would love to see Fincher making some more sci-fi. I'm sure Alien 3 wasn't his last word in this genre.

  2. After AVATAR more than ever I am hoping for RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA. Fincher Sci-Fi or Fincher Space Odyssey, doesn't really matter -- I'm on board!

  3. I would love to see a Fincher war pic. That would be an intense movie.