Kyle Cooper Interview

Right when the Se7en title sequence starts, you know you're in for something special. The visuals, never been seen before, recreated John Doe's mind in an unforgettable way, also thanks to Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. A short film within the film itself.

Although directed almost decades ago, David Fincher's second feature stuck, especially thanks to its innovative title design. With Se7en, Kyle Cooper single-handedly revived the art of title design in the tradition of the great Saul Bass (Panic Room's title sequence owes a lot to him by the way). Fincher set a trend, created a new calling among designers, and soon the art became hot again. It's also a touch of genius to have the title start only after a brief introduction with Freeman.

Kyle Cooper's art is to make the title design fully and seamlessly integrated with the film. Using appropriate types, sound and elaborate visuals (some by design, some by "accident"), a Kyle Cooper title sequence is immediately recognizable.

You can watch Part 1 of Kyle Cooper's interview on Submarine Channel. Part 2 will follow later this year. Count on us to keep you informed.

"Great titles set an expectation."

Thanks to Manny for this great find!

Check it out:
Part 1 of Kyle Cooper Interview on Submarine Channel

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The Dark Genius of Kyle Cooper (Wired interview)
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and of course...
THE title sequence itself


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